How To Find The Right Auto Insurance in Clearwater and Lakeland FL

Finding the right motorcycle insurance providing adequate coverage can be difficult for both first time buyer as well as someone who wants to renew the existing policy. However, there are ways to buy the right amount of insurance at the most reasonable price. After all, it’s not all about getting the cheapest insurance. Rather it’s about getting the right coverage at the right price even if it makes the buyers pay a bit more.

Here are some quick tips to save on motorcycle insurance in Land o Lakes and St Petersburg FL.

  • Choose an older, smaller and/or less expensive two-wheeler – Motorbikes aka motorcycles with a less powerful engine help the owners reduce insurance premium. The thing remains same for older or less expensive bike as well. Since such bikes usually cost less for repair and/or replacement, they can be covered reasonably with a lower-premiums insurance policy. However, this tip won’t work for rare bikes.
  • Avoid unusual and modified motorcycles – Buying a two-wheeler with a number of modifications may raise the cost of insurance as they are often considered to be more expensive in terms of the cost of repair and replacement. Also they are soft targets for the thieves. The same applies to unusual, imported bikes. Thus they are deemed to problematic to get insured.
  • Pay annually – Paying insurance premium annually and in full would help the owners get a discount that they otherwise won’t get if they have chosen monthly option.
  • Limit mileage – Lower premium rates are offered to the bikers who have traveled relatively low mileage. They are considered to be low-risk bikers as they don’t remain on road as much.
  • Take a conventional training course – By acquiring improved riding skill, the riders can see a good discount in the price of insurance premium. It may be noted that there might be a number of benefits of pursuing such courses, but expected savings on the insurance premium won’t outweigh the cost of course fees. Nevertheless, taking a riding course is always good in terms of safety.
  • Pay for what is needed – While choosing the amount of coverage, look for the optional extras on the policy. And opt out the options that are not required or can be avoided. For example, motorbike breakdown cover is a good product. But think rationally whether or not you can get a more lucrative deal by purchasing a separate policy for this coverage instead of keeping it as an add-on to the existing policy.
  • Shop around – Be it auto insurance in Clearwater and Lakeland FL or motorcycle insurance, it’s always good to shop around to find the best deal instead of settling with the present insurance company. Shop around, collect quotes and finally compare them both in terms of cost and features.

These are just a few of many factors to take care of while buying a motorcycle insurance policy and saving significantly on the insurance premium.


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